Ubisoft sets up shop in downtown Sherbrooke

The cat’s out of the bag—no more secrets! Today we announced that Ubisoft Sherbooke’s new video game development studio will set up shop in downtown Sherbrooke’s Espace Centro. The new premises will be ready to accommodate a team of 80 employees in three years’ time, and 250 by 2030. The studio will be next to a future public square among commercial and living spaces. We can’t wait!

“We’re excited about moving into this vibrant and inspiring area, for it’s truly the economic, cultural, and community epicentre of the Well South neighbourhood. We look forward to working closely with the City of Sherbooke to ensure the harmonious and responsible development of the downtown area. Following in the footsteps of Ubisoft Montréal, Québec, and Saguenay, we want to invest in the neighbourhood from day one. We’re in talks with local players to make sure we become actively involved in the downtown community and inspiring projects for the future,” said studio director Nathalie Jasmin.

Ubisoft Sherbrooke's new studios will be located at Espace Centro

Developing talent

The studio will also collaborate with the University of Sherbrooke’s Women in Science Mentorship program, which aims to encourage women to pursue careers in science and promote female leadership.

Ubisoft will invest in local talent and the next generation to grow its multidisciplinary and diversified team that has an expertise in production management, programming, graphic design, modelling, animation, and game level design. If you are interested in joining the studio’s team, check out our job opportunities right here.

The team is happy to have finally found a place to call home. It’s the first step in a very exciting adventure. Espace Centro, here we come!