Ubisoft Education

Experts estimate that 85% of the jobs that will exist in 2030 have not been invented yet.*

From elementary to university, together with the key stakeholders in the education sector, we aim to raise awareness among Quebec’s youth about the potential of science and technology, to develop their STEM** skills, and to support them in their path toward a career in the jobs of the future.

*Source: Report by DELL Technologies and the Institut du futur – May 2017.

**Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics

Clear objectives

  • Attract more young people to STEM disciplines
  • Develop the skills of the young people in STEM-related fields
  • Diversify Quebec’s talent pool in STEM disciplines

Ubisoft Entrepreneurs

Ubisoft was born from the dream and courage of a family of passionate and visionary entrepreneurs. Ubisoft’s worldwide success lies in its creativity, its capacity to innovate, and its “intrapreneurial” culture. With its drawing power, its brand, the extent of its network and its strong internal expertise, Ubisoft, through Ubisoft Entrepreneurs, aims to share its experience for the benefit of techno-creative companies in Quebec.

Ubisoft Entrepreneurs is divided into three pillars:

  • Mentorship – Accelerate emerging techno-creative entrepreneurship
  • Partnerships – Connect local companies to Ubisoft’s global ecosystem
  • Venture Capital – Boost techno-creative companies via White Star Capital

Ubisoft La Forge

Ubisoft La Forge is a prototyping space where ideas on technology, originating from a collaboration between university research and production teams, are brought to life.

The areas of research are aligned with Ubisoft’s core mission and technologies, and cover a wide range of subjects such as rendering, animation, AI, audio, physics and even tools to understand and manage our gamers. Ultimately, the prototypes created will be implemented in productions, and the learnings will be shared with the academic sector.