The top 5 coolest things about Ubisoft Sherbrooke


The Ubisoft Sherbrooke studio is bursting with color, history and hidden treasures. To compile a list of the best things about our premises, we turned to the experts on the subject: our team members!   

Here are the top 5 coolest things about the Ubisoft Sherbrooke studio: presented by those who know it best!  

  1. Our incredible coffee machine Café

Whether you’re in the mood for a delicious creamy latte or a double espresso to give you a little morning boost, this sumptuous dispenser of caffeinated nectar (No, we’re definitely not in love with it 😉) even meets the expectations of even the biggest coffee lovers. So much more than just a coffee machine, it creates a gathering spot where programmers, artists and developers can exchange ideas and build relationships, one cup at a time. And if ever the line gets too long, there’s the chance to visit our neighbors downstairs, the Faro café!  

“I have to say the coffee (AND the proximity of Faro). I’m clearly there way too often :D”, Louis-Philippe Dallaire, IT Director  

 Don’t worry Louis-Philippe, so are we!  


  1. The Flamingo Meeting Room Flamant

A relaxed, lively meeting room filled with pink flamingos: what more could you ask for! Quickly becoming our team’s favorite meeting room, it stands out for its eclectic decor, its 100 decorative cushions (we’re hardly exaggerating!) and its surprising history. It was inspired by the Flamingo cabaret that once occupied the premises inside the legendary Wellington Hotel. Rumor has it that, to attract visitors, two pink flamingos lived in the bar’s bay window! Unable to accommodate birds in our studio, we opted for decorative elements reminiscent of their rosy feathers and majestic figure.  


“Our beautiful Flamingo meeting room, the decor makes you want to be there all day”, Émeryc Primeau, gameplay intern  


  1. Our outdoor terrace with one of the best views in town! Soleil avec rayons  

A sunny little corner of paradise, our terrace is perfect for outdoor lunches, meetings with fresh air and happy hours to round off the day in style. Because life at Ubi is also about getting together for a drink on the terrace and enjoying the picturesque view of the St. François River below. Along the way, we’ve been treated to spectacular sunsets, captivating fireworks displays and the solar eclipse of a lifetime. One thing’s for sure: the arrival of fine weather heralds a terrace teeming with energy!  


“The terrace to enjoy the fresh air!”, Phillip Martin, general programmer  


  1. The Life at Ubi program DanseuseDanse

Lunchtime at Ubi is a lively affair! Yoga, painting, massage therapy, board games, volunteering: these are just some of the activities offered as part of our “Life at Ubi” social events. The most popular is undoubtedly our monthly Share and Care, in which a member of our team comes to talk about one of their passions, whether related to video games or not. It’s a learning experience for everyone, and a great way to get to know your colleagues better.   


“Share and Care at lunchtime: it’s really cool to learn about different subjects and chat as a group”, Danis Joyal, machine programmer  


  1. Our fabulous team!Étoile

Comedians, gigglers, quieter types, chatterboxes, no-sugar coffee drinkers, lattes chuggers, programmers, artists, creatives, strategists and energetics: what would our magnificent studio be without our far more magnificent team? We’re a tight-knit, ambitious gang! We’re proud to be part of the Ubisoft Sherbrooke team!   


“Having the opportunity to be there, with the rest of the team! After the pandemic years, we can no longer take for granted the value of being around each other ” Étienne Desbiens, gameplay programmer  

“The most important thing : Colleagues!”, Nadia Zouaoui, gameplay animator  

“Cool people!”, Louis Demers, systems designer  


Special mentions to the plants that adorn the studio and add a touch of nature to our daily lives! Plante en potHibiscusFeuille morte


“The beautiful plants!”, Mathieu Grondin, Technical Artist  

“THE PLANTS! Greenery and color are good for the soul!”, Étienne Desbiens, Gameplay Programmer