A Vibrant First Anniversary for Ubisoft Sherbrooke

It’s already time to celebrate Ubisoft Sherbrooke’s first anniversary! In March 2022, Ubisoft confirmed its arrival in the Eastern Townships by announcing it would set up shop at Espace Centro. Time has flown by since then, and the studio is now well established in downtown Sherbrooke, in its temporary premises on Abénaquis Street. The official move to Wellington South is planned for sometime in 2023, but until then, the team is happy to be living in their neighborhood.

The first 14 members of Ubisoft Sherbrooke along the Magog River Gorge boardwalk.

At this time last year, the studio had fewer than 15 employees. Today, there are more than thirty of them, forming a close-knit team of passionate leaders, specialists in programming, art, animation, and level design. Ubisoft Sherbrooke is proud to work on major Ubisoft productions, including FARCRY, Assassin’s Creed and our online services platform. For the region’s young and upcoming talent, the Sherbrooke studio is an exceptional gateway to these major projects.

The production team adds FARCRY to its projects.

Like Ubisoft Montreal, Quebec and Saguenay before us, Ubisoft Sherbrooke wanted to invest in its community and its neighborhood from the start.

  • The studio has committed $333,000 over 5 years to a socio-inclusive approach launched by the city of Sherbrooke in November 2022, with the objective of promoting a healthy and responsible revitalization of the downtown area.
  • The team had the opportunity to demonstrate its support for local art and culture by meeting with local artists, building relationships with the organization De Cause à Effets through creative workshops, and participating in the Sherblues Festival as an official partner.
  • Ubisoft Sherbrooke supported the NAD-UQAC School by investing $1M over 5 years to deploy the first video game training program in the Eastern Townships. The certificate in technical arts designed for video games will develop creative, artistic, and technical talent to support all the region’s studios, in addition to Ubisoft Sherbrooke.
Ubisoft Sherbrooke during a printmaking workshop in partnership with the organization De Cause à Effets.

“We are grateful for the warm welcome from Sherbrooke residents and are very happy to be able to contribute to the development of the video game industry in the region. Now that the foundations of these structuring partnerships are in place, over the next few years we will keep building and enriching these projects. We will continue to work hand in hand with regional organizations, both for the well-being of our communities and for the enrichment of the technocreative environment in the Eastern Townships,” says studio director Nathalie Jasmin.

The studio is entering its second year with a head full of projects, a team ready to take on challenges, and the support of its community and colleagues at Ubisoft. All the elements are in place for a more than inspiring future. Happy Birthday Ubi Sherby!

Part of the team during a walk in downtown Sherbrooke just before the holiday break.