8 unbeatable benefits of working at Ubisoft Sherbrooke

Being an employee of Ubisoft Sherbrooke video game studio has distinct advantages! In addition to working on some of the industry’s most renowned brands, Ubisoft’s teams can count on employee benefits that are both generous and fun. Here are eight such benefits that are sure to make you want to join our happy family. 

1- Six weeks’ vacation per year 

Six weeks’ vacation per year sounds like a dream, right?! Travelling or relaxing staycations, we encourages you to make the best of all seasons, taking time for you and for life’s important moments, so go ahead and pack your bags. 

2- Hybrid and flexible work arrangements 

Working from home or from the studio allows our people to achieve a healthy work-life balance and have the best of both worlds. Work realities have changed, and so has Ubisoft.

3- Invigorating life of the Estrie region 

Between the magnificent nature that surrounds the our studio and the trendy life of the one nicknamed the Queen of the Eastern Townships, there’s no need to compromise. A vast nearby playground and an urban-casual vibe.

4- Well-being at work 

Life is full of unexpected surprises. Ubisoft offers benefits to cushion the blow like well-being days, not to mention telemedicine services via Dialogue. It’s always handy to have a doctor on the line!   

5- Free games 

Who wouldn’t be happy getting to play Assassin’s Creed, Rainbow Six, Just Dance, and a host of several hundred titles for free?! The most avid gamers will be spoiled for choice, as will those who enjoy treating their loved ones.  

6- Ubisoft events 

The importance of having fun is paramount at Ubisoft. Our happy hours, cocktail and wine-tasting and year-round activities will all have you coming back for more. And last but not least, our summer and end-of-year parties!

7- Enhanced parental leave 

More flexibility and support to enjoy the arrival of a newborn. Ubisoft employees enjoy 75 percent of their full salary while on parental leave.  

8- The people 

What really makes Ubisoft stand out is our work family. Our passionate experts are always up for a chat in the cafe or to help you out with your projects. With such amazing colleagues, the studio is really a great place to be. 

We could go on listing all the little perks (snacks, free training courses, great group RRSPs, competitive salaries, family insurance, and so much more) but we simply can’t wait to invite you to join us. 
Interested? We’re waiting for you! Visit our career page and join Ubisoft Sherbrooke!